Industrial predictive maintenance

Soralink's predictive maintenance process uses AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Machine Learning to compile and analyze data about your industrial equipment to prevent equipment breakdowns before they happen.

Why opt for predictive maintenance?

Annual production losses due to equipment breakdowns vary between 2% and 12%, with significant impacts on expected productivity and yield.

By using Soralink's predictive maintenance sensors for your industrial equipment, you can considerably reduce these losses. You are alerted before a breakdown occurs, enabling you to carry out maintenance at the best possible time, without suffering the repercussions of an unplanned shutdown of your machines and, consequently, of your production.


Start reducing your maintenance costs now with our trial period!

Soralink offers you a trial period including 6 state-of-the-art sensors for your first 6 months of predictive maintenance. It's a trial that will convince you to take the plunge for good! 

As our customers' testimonials demonstrate, you too are likely to be experiencing high costs due to breakages and breakdowns that can be avoided with predictive maintenance.

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3 types of predictive maintenance

Corrective, preventive and predictive

Reactive maintenance


Get disabled machine back online asap

Reason for action

Machine/System Breakdown

Type of service

Repairs of parts

Risks of unplanned downtime


Impact on production

Very big impacts

Uncertainties in Asset Management


Preventive maintenance


Prevent machine going offline

Reason for action

Schedule/Periodic maintenance

Type of service

Remplacement ou réparation
de pièces

Risks of unplanned downtime


Impact on production

Small impacts

Uncertainties in Asset Management


Soralink predictive maintenance


Prevent machine going offline

Reason for action

Anomaly alerts from Real-time monitoring

Type of service

Schedule maintenance

Risks of unplanned downtime


Impact on production

Very small impacts

Uncertainties in Asset Management

Very low

The 3 components of the Soralink
predictive maintenance solution

Soralink predictive maintenance

Component 1

Predictive maintenance sensors

The sensors work without you needing to interact with them manually. We've integrated vibration, sound and temperature sensors into the same unit for easy installation and data integrity. In addition to being self-contained and unobtrusive, they are compact, robust and resistant to harsh environments.

They continuously collect data and metrics identified as essentials such as the machine’s vibration, the engine’s rotational speed, temperature, sound level, etc.

In order to eliminate the dependence on your company’s local Internet network and provide security for your peace of mind, Soralink Solution uses a secure 5G network for sensor connectivity.


Component 2


Data from your plant equipment is read, collated and analyzed by the sensors, and delivered in an easy-to-understand, easy-to-use dashboard. As a result, the dashboard will alert you in advance to a forthcoming fault, and you'll have the opportunity to schedule predictive maintenance, as well as providing you with a fortnightly report giving an overview of the overall condition of your machines.

With the help of clear and simple graphs and diagrams, you will be able to select the most relevant metrics for you and when they should be taken.

Without any human intervention, our algorithm learns from your machines in order to identify the risk of potential breakage with ever greater accuracy.

Component 3

Artificial Intelligence

The artificial intelligence (AI) present in our solution analyzes your machine to recognize patterns and signs of anomaly before the equipment goes offline.

One of the aspects that makes Soralink so unique is that our machine learning algorithm is located directly in the sensors in predictive maintenance, keeping our solution simple and affordable.

Our scanning engine adapts to a wide variety of machines thanks to our highly optimized and flexible machine learning algorithms,it can also learn from other machines of the same type in order to recognize warning signs even faster.


Why make your industrial predictive maintenance a risky and costly venture?

An intelligent management solution for industrial machines

Simple. Affordable. Safe

Made in Canada

Entirely designed and manufactured in Canada, our solutions are affordable enough to equip all your machines.

Monthly subscription

No initial capital investment is required to access the services of Soralink (CapEx). Our operation is based on a simple formula, by monthly subscription.

Installation in less than 24 hours

We take care of the installation. No need to hire a specialist, our team comes to your factory and installs the sensors in less than 24 hours! All you have to do is consult the dashboard and your bi-monthly reports.

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Made in Canada