Our story

Soralink is a Canadian company, based in Montreal and founded in 2021 by Dr. Yun Yao and Dr. Jean-Samuel Chenard. Our mission is to make all the benefits of asset management accessible and available to manufacturing companies by offering intelligent management solutions for industrial machines.

With nearly 20 years of experience across multiple industrial sectors, the two co-founders of Soralink know perfectly well the needs of companies and that Soralink Solution for predictive maintenance constitutes an important technological advance to minimize unpredictability in addition to facilitating the growth of several industries such as the agri-food sector.

Soralink’s launch was made possible thanks to the support of programs such as Next AI and District 3 Innovation. Their Mission is to support Canadian companies in artificial intelligence through entrepreneurship training and fruitful partnerships.

Yun Yao, PhD

Co-founder and CEO

Yun holds a PhD in Electrical Engineering from McGIll University. After working as head engineer and manager for more than a decade, she decided to start her own company in 2021 with the goal to bring the latest technologies in sustainable development to the manufacturing sector.

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Jean-Samuel Chenard, PhD

Co-founder and CTO

Jean-Samuel, co-founder and CTO of Soralink, holds a PhD in electrical engineering from McGIll University. He is the domain expert in wireless sensor design, with decades of experience in managing a professional service company in product and electronic design.

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