Sous-traiter la maintenance industrielle, une fausse bonne idée?

Sous-traiter la maintenance industrielle, une fausse bonne idée? Il existe de nombreuses situations où la sous-traitance de la maintenance industrielle est bénéfique pour une usine: augmentation soudaine de la demande de production, démarrage d’une nouvelle usine, haute expertise technique demandée pour quelques machines critiques, etc. Toutefois, il s’agit le plus souvent de situations où la … Read more

Predictive maintenance: part of the solution to labour shortages has nothing to do with employees  

According to Statistics Canada, nearly 900,000 jobs were vacant in August 2021. In other words, this is a problem that concerns the majority of businesses and all areas. It is important to look into this since it is estimated that the situation will peak between 2030 and 2035.

If you thought the pandemic was the worst thing for your business, you’ve greatly underestimated the labour shortage problem… And even for businesses that fully realize the consequences, they are probably considering non-viable long-term solutions to fix it.

Indeed, to counter the labor shortage, the first reflex of many management teams is to try to find employees in other ways: either via immigration, interns or other types of workers, or by offering better conditions and higher salaries to attract people currently employed elsewhere.

But these are only temporary solutions. It's high time to think about solving this problem for good. It's time to embrace innovation, automation and artificial intelligence through Maintenance 4.0.

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How to choose your type of maintenance: Preventive Maintenance - Corrective Maintenance - Predictive Maintenance  

Peu importe le domaine manufacturier, les pannes et les bris représentent un enjeu important. A-t-il des moyens de réduire les perte financières, des retards de livraisons, l’intervention d’une équipe d’urgence et toutes ces autres complications qui y sont liées? Bien que l’usure des pièces soit inévitable, depuis quelques années, les manufacturiers se font proposer plusieurs types de maintenance ayant toute la promesse de réduire au maximum les inconvénients des pannes et des bris.

Predictive, preventive or corrective maintenance: how to find your way around, and above all, how to choose?

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