The 5 most frequently asked questions about predictive maintenance

Predictive maintenance is a subject we are hearing more and more about, since it represents a simple way of using new technologies to optimize your business and your production chain with a view to Industry 4.0.

To help you better understand what it is all about, here are the five most frequently asked questions about predictive maintenance.

#1: Is my company too small for predictive maintenance?

There is no minimum or maximum size for predictive maintenance. It can even be as simple as monitoring your water heater at the cottage, if you like!

However, we advise you to consider predictive maintenance when you have one or more essentiel machines, such as a pump, a refrigeration system, a fan (danger of overheating), and so on.

#2: How many sensors are needed?

Once again, there is no unique answer. The beauty of a predictive maintenance solution like the one offered by Soralink is that it adapts 100% to your needs.

If you absolutely must have an answer: in our trial period offer, we offer six sensors. This is a good number if you really want to experiment with machine learning and take full advantage of the benefits of predictive maintenance.

#3: What data can predictive maintenance analyze?

With predictive maintenance, it is possible to monitor several elements. The most common are sound, temperature and vibration. This captures the majority of mechanical failures on rotating machines such as motors, fans, gearbox, etc.

#4: How much does it cost?

First of all, you need to consider the upfront cost. Some service providers require the entire solution to be purchased up front, while others offer a monthly fee. The total cost of the two options will probably be very similar, but if you want to start predictive maintenance right away, the monthly subscription option may be a better fit with your company’s financial reality.

Then, of course, the direct cost will vary according to the number of sensors you need.

shipping costs of missing parts for repair, etc.).

Since the aim of predictive maintenance is to eliminate these overhead expenses, it is highly likely that you will save money by investing in predictive maintenance. Soralink customers say they save an average of 30% on their maintenance costs by switching to predictive maintenance. How much does this 30% represent for your company?

#5: How can your system predict breakdowns and failures?

Predictive maintenance is an approach that uses data and advanced technologies to predict when a machine or piece of equipment will need maintenance, before a breakdown occurs. To achieve this, several elements and steps are involved.

Data collection:

Sensors are used to continuously collect real-time data on the performance and operating conditions of selected equipment.

Data analysis:

The data collected is analyzed using advanced algorithms, machine learning and artificial intelligence. This analysis can detect trends or anomalies that could indicate potential future problems.

Alerts and notifications:

When predictive models detect an imminent risk of failure, alerts or notifications are generated to inform the maintenance team. This enables them to plan and carry out the necessary maintenance before the failure occurs, thus reducing unplanned downtime and associated costs.

Continuous optimization:

Predictive maintenance is often based on a process where models are continually refined and improved as new data is collected and new information becomes available. This enables maintenance strategies to be continuously optimized to maximize equipment availability while minimizing costs.

We hope these answers shed a little more light on predictive maintenance and how it might be applied within your production.

In terms of maintenance, there is no single perfect solution for every company. However, the experts at Soralink would be delighted to discuss your issues, your reality and your needs with you, and see how predictive maintenance can be applied to your business.

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